Tips on How to Make Your Joomla Website More SEO Friendly

  • June 14, 2013
  • Ashish Shah
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Joomla is one of the preferred content management systems due to its variety of features and flexibility that it offers different businesses. Joomla is genuine content management system and usually, requires a Joomla expert to set it up for you. However, once Joomla development happens and your website is all set, you will be amazed at its usability. One of the things that you should pay close attention to when using Joomla website design is ensuring that your site is search engine optimized. This will ensure that your site ranks high on major search engines.

Typically search engine optimization should be done during the Joomla website development stage. However, it is never too late to optimize your Joomla site. Here are some tips that will teach you how to make your Joomla site more SEO-friendly.

Title of Articles

Make sure that you select your article titles carefully. They should contain the main keyword so that search engine spiders can access them and rank your site high for the said keyword. Typically, SEO gurus will advise you to follow the latest trends when it comes to creating article titles. As these are the trends that are most commonly searched on search engines, so that chances are high that your article title will show up high in the results. However, choose your keywords prudently and ensure that you use them in the right context.

Anchor Text

Make sure that you use keywords in your anchor text and redirect it to your site. When you post your articles on authority sites and blogs, you will get quality inbound links to your Joomla website. As a result, it will help boost your search engine ranking.

Quality of Content

It goes without saying that you need to ensure the high-quality content on your site as well as when you publish on other sites. Quality content acts as link baiter and this helps you get more back links from high ranking and credible sites. As a result, you will have a better search engine ranking. Furthermore, quality content also means that you will provide valuable information to your website visitors and this will help you increase traffic to your site. Also, the visitors will spread the word about your website and content to their friends and acquaintances on social networking sites and this viral marketing will help you increase traffic without spending money or making an effort. Do not resort to keyword stuffing in your articles, as it will have the opposite effect and your search engine rankings will fall dramatically.

Register Your Domain for a Longer Duration

When you have a website, you will have to keep extending the registration of your domain name. It has been observed that the longer you extend the registration, the better it is for your website in terms of search engine ranking. It has been observed that spam sites do not register for long durations.

Site Navigation

A part of website development is adding several pages to your site. This helps to make your site more SEO-friendly. The more pages you add to your site, the better it will be for your search engine rankings. However, make sure that you also get the website development company to add a great and easy site navigation system to help visitors go from one page to the next. When you have more pages optimized for different keywords, each page will be ranked for the keyword and this will help different pages rank high in search engine results.

Making your Joomla website SEO-friendly is not difficult, albeit a little time-consuming. It is best to optimize your site for major search engines while your site is being designed and content is being added to it.

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