Top 5 Must-Know Tips For Laravel Performance Optimization!

  • November 22, 2019
  • Ashish Shah
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Laravel is considered the best PHP framework of 2017, which was released in 2011. If you aspire to become a PHP developer, then you have heard about Laravel. It manages to be at the first framework for years now. Other than various strong features it offers, the most important among developers and businesses are controlling the power of Laravel performance optimization.If you want a high-performance Laravel, then hire Laravel developer in India. Laravel developers must look into its features while developing applications for business. It does not matter what domain you serve; speed and performance are required to keep a client happy and satisfied.

Top 5 Tips on Laravel Performance Optimization!

Below are some helpful tips you can follow for Laravel Performance Optimization:

1. Configuration Caching

An exceptional and interest command of Laravel is Artisan Cache Config. It is helpful to boost performance. Once the cache is config, any changes made will not affect. If you want to refresh the config then you must run the command again. For further optimization of application, you can use OPcache that caches code PHP, so no need to recompile it.

2. Delete Unused Services

Sometimes it is wise not to load all kinds of services in a config. You can disable or delete unused services from the config file. It is done by adding a comment to the service provider. However, be careful after commenting because you can break the whole functionality of the app.

3. Classmap Optimization

Even with a mid-level Laravel app, there are many files. It has a habit of calling and add multiple files to include requests. Therefore a simple method is declaring all your files that have to be included for include request and combine them into one file. Thus for include request, one file is called and then loaded.

4. Minimum use of Plugins

There are many plugins used for Laravel, which allow you to add more functions easily. With increased functionalities come more files and libraries to load that will slow you down. So make sure what all providers you load through your config app file and remove unnecessary ones.

5. Prefer Eager loading than lazy loading

Dedicated Laravel web developers must understand the prize of every single query. It uses Eloquent ORM to handle the database. Laravel follows “lazy loading” and without references, it will not load any related data from the code. Using eager loading, Eloquent recovers all related objects while responding to the query.

6. JIT Compiler

Natively computers cannot understand PHP. And you cannot assemble PHP to bytecode and get machines to run it. So it is done by a middleman called Zend engine. Because it interprets PHP files and executes C routines correctly. This process slows down your app, and then you need to compile it with JIT.


Top Laravel development companies in India uses these tips to improve Laravel Performance optimization and the complete development and testing process. If you are about to select Laravel framework for your next project, then these tips can be considered a boon!

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