Why Laravel Development Is Considered The Best PHP Framework In 2019?

  • November 20, 2019
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While developing your web application for commercial use, your basic needs are speedy built-in functions, better documentation, flexibility, and reliability. You need to choose the right PHP framework for fulfilling your needs. As done by quality-conscious businesses your best choice will be Laravel framework. Why? Hire dedicated laravel developer for best results.

Authorization Technique

It simplifies the implementation of the authentication technique and organizes authorization logic with control access to different resources.

Object-Oriented Libraries & Packaging System

The best Laravel company offers you the most useful and responsive web application because of the pre-installed Authentication library with advanced features such as password reset, verifying active users, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), encryption, protection. The Packaging system includes Debug bar, IDE helper and Image and boosts the development process.

Artisan Console

It is the command-line interface of Laravel. It includes package assets, database migration, seeding and generating boilerplate code of migration, new controllers, and models Laravel Development Company uses this tool for performing repetitive tasks, thus saving a lot of time. You can increase the functionalities and capabilities by implementing new custom commands.

Support of MVC

For your website to be more appealing and effective, there should be distinct clarity between logic and presentation. Ensuring these features, the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, such as Symfony invokes results view and renders it in the browsers of users.


The Laravel ensures that the password is hashed and salted by using Bcrypt hashing algorithm. As a result, the encrypted password never saves as plain text in the database. The SQL statements prepared by Laravel keep you secured from every kind of injection attack, including <script> tag; impossible. The security features include configuration, storing passwords, protecting routes, authenticating users, manually logging in users, HTTP basic authentication, Encryption, password reminder & reset, and authentication drivers.

Database Migration

The Laravel database migration, with MySQL Workbench option, eases the migration of all database work, including changes; into other synchronized development devices. The Laravel Spark 6.0, the latest package provides scaffolding of invoices, subscription billing, resetting of password, authentication, and two-factor authentication.

Laracasts; the Perfect Tutorials

You can learn the essentials of the Laravel PHP framework through this video, prepared an experienced and expert instructor, Jeffry. Some features of this video are free and free.

Blade Templating Engine

The blade is a Templating engine in Laravel It helps in writing a multi-language application quickly by caching the compiled perspectives. It can make designs and extend them. It can also include partials for beating the redundancy of multiple documents.

Programming Task Management & Configuration

Laravel has an in-built command scheduler, called Corn that can calculate the scheduled task and can execute all the pending tasks. You need to add the corn entry only.


The Paginator of Laravel offers the best development-friendly environment by paginating all the data from the database. You can apply different styles, change URL parameters, and move the length of a page to configuration. The paginating device is combined with query builder and Eloquent ORM, thus facilitating optimum flexibility of using big databases. The Laravel Development Companies in India offers you these facilities.

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