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  • April 13, 2020
  • Ashish Shah
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Shopify eCommerce store development company

If you haven’t heard about Shopify eCommerce store development company then you might be missing out on some excellent opportunities in e-commerce. Shopify is becoming a huge company that is currently enjoying success in their growth as well as assisting thousands of merchants in increasing their online sales. We had heard of the company and wanted to learn more about them. It didn’t take long to discover many interesting facts about them that we thought everyone should hear about that. Hire Dedicated Shopify Developer for your shopify projects.

Shopify had formed an impressive deal with Amazon
Everyone knows that Amazon.com is the giant that rules the cosmos as it relates to online retail sales. Shopify drove them on as a contender that we see as a bold move, and they actually won. Amazon couldn’t hold their own against Shopify’s services and they actually shut down their website service in early 2015. They even threw Shopify a bone and suggested to their merchants that they may be interested in making the migration to the platform that Shopify had to offer.

Shopify’s integration with Amazon in December 2016
Another monumental decision that Shopify made was to integrate services with Amazon and make the services available to all of its merchants. They formed a connection that gave Shopify merchants access to Amazon customers who were searching for similar products but not finding what they wanted on Amazon. You’ve probably seen the lists of recommended retailers when shopping on Amazon.com at the bottom of the page. This was another huge hike for Shopify eCommerce store Development Company along with every merchant associated with them.

Shopify is happy to stay in the background
When it comes to the customers of the merchants who are registered through top Shopify development company India, they may not even be familiar with the grand e-commerce host. Shopify doesn’t require overt advertising of their company by their merchants. They’re happy to stay in the background and focus all of the attention on their merchants. Their ultimate goal is to make the merchants look as good as possible and reap the benefits of working with a vast army of successful businesses. It’s a part of their overall business plan and it’s quite apparent that the strategy is paying off. Even if you’ve bought products through Shopify merchants, you probably haven’t seen the brand name mentioned even once because that’s not what they’re all about.

As merchants prosper so does Shopify
It’s in the best interest of the Shopify eCommerce store development company India to help merchants grow their businesses. They actually scale their business alongside them. In case you were wondering why they’re pleased to remain in obscurity, this is the reason. It’s far more important for their merchants to deliver seamless and successful interactions with their customers as it increases their traffic and their overall success.

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