Why Bootstrap is The Front End Framework That You Need?

  • July 4, 2018
  • Ashish Shah
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You come across multiple web pages on a day to day scenario. But have you ever wondered what goes into building those pages or how does that system work at all? Well, when it comes to web development, the terms front end and back end are frequently used. The front end is what your user can see on an everyday basis. However, the back end is something which is hidden and does the maximum job.

What Are Front End Frameworks?

Well, a front end framework is basically a package which has pre-written, pre-defined codes and instructions for the system which is organized in a file or a folder. It is like that foundation you build your code on. Front end framework has a lot of components which make it easier to use and understand. It contains a grid which allows your elements to find a proper home or place to be located, it has multiple subheadings and functions which allow you to customize your page and other pre-built navigation system which allows you to integrate it seamlessly in the page.

Why Do You Need a Front End Framework?

To support your website and the build of course. It saves you a lot of time and coding effort. You do not have to write lines and lines of codes from scratch. You can just use the pre-built package which allows you to launch your home website faster than any other. It helps you with the basics and just makes it simpler.

It allows you to brilliantly customize the features of the website and roll it out. There are times when you do not want a certain button or a particular element on the page. You can easily do away with the same by using these pre-defined functions. Customize it according to your requirement which can give your website a new and unique look.

It is a pre-tested and working functionality that you build your code on. So that rules out the compatibility issues which could otherwise arise when you are doing everything from scratch. You can spend hours and hours of effort developing a code only to find out later that it doesn’t work. Wouldn’t that be disappointing?

So it is always better to test it on something that was already working and is known to pose no trouble instead of risking it all for something new.

However, do not use CSS or the front end framework as a substitute to your code because it is never recommended. You can use the framework as a helping tool but do not depend on it completely to save you out of the coding rut.

Why Should Bootstrap Be Your Go To Option?

Bootstrap is singularly one of the most popular front end frameworks available in the technology industry these days. Not only has it left behind its competitors such as Foundation, Stylus, UI kit and Semantic UI behind in the rat race, but also managed to gain immense fan following due to obvious reasons.

All you need to do is find a responsive model for your website such that the entire thing works with minimum response time. It would be faster, stronger and more durable in terms of operations. In case you want to build a framework from scratch for your mobile or that desktop website, Bootstrap is indeed an excellent choice.

One Might Ask Why? Well, We Have Multiple Convincing Reasons For The Same.

Customize your heart away

That is what a web developer wants! You need to have the prerogative to customize your website. It could be adding a lot of features, buttons or even minute elements which can make it attractive irrespective of slowing down processes in the background.

It is not exclusively a crutch for development neither it is going to leave you with that option to build it from scratch. It is somewhere in the middle where it allows you to do that work easily.

Bootstrap is more like a support system which helps you. It is like holding hands and guiding you through the entire process.

Ground up grid, an approach that is simple and unique

A top-down approach is one of the most sought-after approaches when it comes to coding. Most languages do not apply that. Nevertheless, it is logical and keeps your site clean and operative. Imagine organizing everything in a grid and having access to it in a proper way.

Faster, Easier, Simple

Back end developers can take the framework and build it as they wish. Use it in a static HTML page or just use it in that regular PHP code, download that executable code from GitHub and spin your magic. Bootstrap is all the more supportive.

Bootstrap is unique in its look and feel and it always looks like there is bootstrap in the background. It all depends on how customized you want your website to be as per the framework and how personalized you want it generally.

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