Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2018?

  • June 27, 2018
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Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2018

PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source scripting language used to create dynamic web pages. There are many PHP development frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP, Yii etc. Among which Laravel is the best trending framework, following MVC (Model View Controller) structure. Laravel is created by Taylor Otwell in 2011. Laravel framework is highly chosen by the users because of its queue management technique and many more unique features, which others don’t.

Some unique features Laravel framework possess, making it the best one among all frameworks in 2018 are:

Easy Installation

Without the installation of PHP, a pre-packaged Vagrant box called Laravel Homestead provides good development environment, as the Vagrant box has a feature to re-create. It is easy to install and consumes less time without interrupting others projects running on the machine.

Authorization Technique

In the latest version of Laravel, the authentication process is well developed so that the user need not write the new code repeatedly, whenever a new application is developed. Almost everything is well constructed in the Laravel framework to make the authorization process user-friendly than in any others.

Artisan Tool

Laravel proposals a new built-in tool for command line called Artisan. This tool is used in performing those repetitive programming commands that most of the developers divert in performing them manually.

Database Migration

The code depiction of the database schema is called as Migration. The changes made in the database can be migrated using this migration technique into any other machine easily. Thus we can maintain the database consistency.

Database Seeding

In general, it is always difficult to add a dummy data. But Laravel made it easy by introducing database seeding, which helps by creating duplicate test data in the database. Laravel Developers use this feature for testing purpose. Faker library is used to seed the database.


The Laravel paginator paginates all the data from the database and provides the friendly environment for the developers. Laravel paginator is integrated with query builder and Eloquent ORM providing the flexible usage of large databases. Pagination also helps in customization of moving the page length to config, changing URL parameter to your own and applying different styles etc.


Utilization of Laravel authentication techniques are very simple. A password will never be saved as plain text in the database. A token is generated every time when a user logs-in which is difficult for the hackers to hack the web page. For creating an encrypted password Laravel uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm. There are nine security features in Laravel

  • Configuration
  • Storing Passwords
  • Authentication Users
  • Manually Logging in Users
  • Protecting Routes
  • HTTP Basic Authentications
  • Passwords Reminders and Rest
  • Encryption
  • Authentication Drivers

Routing Configuration

URL routing is very important for a browser, which helps in taking to the desired link. If this is not done properly the web application may show error or blank pages. Most of the Laravel routes are described in app/HTTP/routes.php file. Laravel holds the client/server routings very smoothly.

Programming Task configuration and Management

For any application task configuration and management is very important to complete the task on time. Either it may be sending an email, clearing the database or any other function, a proper managing of tasks plays a vital role.

For this within Laravel framework, Laravel command scheduler allows to easily define your command scheduler. Only Corn entry is added to your server while using the command scheduler. The Laravel command scheduler is called by Corn repeatedly. After the command is run, Laravel evaluates schedules tasks and runs all the due tasks which are pending. Laravel gives an ease in scheduling and managing the tasks.

Blade Template

Blade is smooth, yet robust templating engine in Laravel. Blade does not restrict in using plain PHP code like others. Blade does not add essentially any burden on your application. Users feel easy to use or pick this template when needed.

Blade is really fast because it caches the compiled views. You can write a multi-language application also using Blade. Blade easily creates layouts, extend them and include partials to overcome repetition of multiple files.

Object-Oriented Libraries

One of the great features of Laravel, which took it to the best-chosen framework in PHP is having Object-Oriented libraries and many of them are pre-installed. One of the pre-installed libraries is Authentication library. It has many advanced features such as monitoring active users, resetting the password, Bcrypt hashing, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection and encryption.

Automatic Package Discovery

While finding difficult to install packages in previous versions of Laravel, in Laravel 5.5 a new feature called Automatic Package Discovery is added. This detects the packages automatically which user needs. This means users no need to set up any providers from installing new packages from Laravel. This feature can be disabled when not in need.


Thus above are some of the incredible features making Laravel framework the best website development tool. These features offered by Laravel framework make it unique above all other frameworks in PHP. The Developers who wanted to start working on this framework can easily follow its official website https://laravel.com/. All the robust features of Laravel framework are applauded by most of the experienced web developers for its user-friendly and supported environment.

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