Why MEAN Stack is popular for Next-Gen Web Development?

  • April 7, 2022
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Come the 21st century and there is an abundance of software to develop almost any kind of software you wish. Today, there are more than 5.5 million applications on the app store and play store, so building a unique app has become a big question nowadays.

Nevertheless, if you want to build a robust and dynamic app for any kind of use, then why not use MEAN stack. This versatile software stack helps you address almost all the challenges related to web app development.

MEAN Stack is suitable for all types of businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises. Since it is a JavaScript-based technology, it is easier to use and quicker to deploy. MEAN Stack actually stands for MongoDB (database system), Express (back-end framework), Angular, (front-end framework), and Node.JS (backend runtime environment).   This set of JavaScript-based technologies is widely used in building websites and web applications.

Although these technologies were built for specific purposes at different points in time, today, their grouping together means they are a strong and unbeatable combination for even the most complex app development projects.   Since MEAN Stack is based on JavaScript, you can work for a specific server-side and client-side environment. Let us understand how MEAN stack is now empowering businesses for web app development.

Some of the most compelling reasons to choose MEAN Stack for web app development are given below:

You can Lower Development Costs

MEAN Stack helps your business to stay competitive in the industry. Since MEAN Stack is based on JavaScript, you need to hire a web developer who knows JavaScript, rather than having to work with a huge team of developers with experience in a variety of languages.  This means there is better team communication, which enhances productivity and reduces friction in the team.

You can build high-performance web apps

Building web apps with MEAN Stack gives you excellent app performance with the help of high-performance JavaScript technologies with platform-specific experience. It is easier to develop high-performance web apps that give robust and excellent performance.

Easy Reusability and higher flexibility

Node.JS provides non-blocking architecture and more flexibility, making apps built with MEAN Stack faster and more reliable. With Angular.JS, it is possible to develop better applications that can be easily tested and maintained. Also, MongoDB allows full cluster support, making MEAN Stack a more reliable and hassle-free option.

Comparatively easier to hire developers

Since finding developers who have Node.js, Express, and Angular skills is comparatively easier, you are not drained on resources or stuck with complex hiring procedures. MEAN Stack developers commonly have expertise in frontend and backend technologies. Hence, due to the easy availability of developers, it is easier to scale up project development based on client requirements too. Hire MEAN Stack Developer is the better option for any project.

MEAN Stack development is cloud compatible

Since MEAN Stack uses libraries and public repositories for development, it is cloud compatible, which ultimately reduces development costs. Since MongoDB uses cloud functionalities, you pay reduced disk space costs, thus helping you save on overall project costs.

Allows you to build scalable programming solutions

MEAN Stack makes use of countless structures, libraries, and reusable modules within the stack. This makes the development process easier and helps speed up the development process. The ultimate result is a less exhausting development process, making it easier and more suitable for startups to adopt MEAN Stack.

Open Source Nature

Due to its open-source nature, MEAN Stack allows developers to customize code based on their requirements. Node.JS provides a rich library of JavaScript modules, making development a breeze. Also, components get upgraded more often; you get the advantage of modern and the latest modules for your development process.

Advantages of a Global Community

MEAN Stack is truly a globally recognized technology that is used for development all around the world. There is a global community that can be reached instantly on Google and can help you with even the most complex problems.  Even novice programmers find it easy to code in MEAN Stack.

Makes Use of JavaScript Notation

In Mean Stack development, you make use of the JSON format for storing data. Since this data format is ideal for large projects, it is easier to seamlessly manage data. It cuts down the need for data reformatting, making it easier for developers and data managers to proceed with app development.

Provides more security

The use of JavaScript allows web apps developed in MEAN Stack to be more reliable and secure, Node.JS has a single-threaded mode, therefore it is ideal for high-traffic websites and apps, so many users can access data simultaneously.

Highly Maintainable

Mean stack is a Java-based framework, so it is easier to write custom modules. This provides easy extensibility and maintainability throughout the lifetime of the app. You can also use HTML vocabulary, thus making it easier to improve code and readability. This makes app maintenance easier and more flexible.

Simpler Collaboration

Since several developers can work on a single MEAN Stack project, it allows easier collaboration between team members, so you can complete projects faster.

Single Code Base Architecture

As we have mentioned earlier, NodeJS uses JavaScipt on both the backend and frontend, you can build a complete application stack using a single code base. Your programmers do not have to switch between different programming languages.


They can use the same Mean Stack framework to complete the project.  Earlier, the only way of developing a web page was to develop it in HTML and CSS. However, that is not the case today. The web development industry is growing at an unprecedented pace today given the new technologies becoming readily available.

Web development is becoming complex and more time-consuming. There are a plethora of frameworks, out-of-the-box features, and various functionalities. However, the advent of MEAN Stack is changing the way web development happens across the world.

Going for MEAN Stack will help you take your web development to the next higher level.  MEAN Stack is just the ideal web development tool you were seeking. So, why not switch to MEAN Stack development today. We bet you won’t regret your decision!

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