11 Key Benefits of MERN Stack Development

  • April 12, 2022
  • Ashish Shah
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If you are aspiring to develop your next web application or project, then the choice of platform can be very confusing indeed. Nevertheless, you can go ahead and use the MERN stack for web and application development.

MERN stack helps you answer several questions such as whether the developed article will be secure, reliable, and scalable. MERN stack is also flexible to help you accommodate further customizations.  You can manage your data, estimates, invoicing, accounting, and other tasks reliably and easily. You can also accommodate other expenditures and also improve performance, thereby helping you improve your ROI.

MERN Stack stands for MongoDB, ExpresJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS. It includes open source components, frameworks, libraries, and databases, all based on JavaScript, This makes the stack popular and compatible because of the relatively easier learning curve.

The advantages of using MERN Stack

At the outset, let us understand why using the MERN stack is an advantageous proposition for you:

No context switching between platforms: MERN makes use of JavaScript alone to build client-side and server-side applications. So, there is no context switching thereby maintaining efficiency and productivity during MERN stack development.

Provides MVC architecture:  MERN stack is built around MVC architecture.  Therefore, it becomes convenient for developers to build advanced web applications. Hire Dedicated MERN Stack Developer for your projects.

Convenient Full-Stack Development:   With MERN Stack, you get an added advantage of full-stack development, which means convenient technologies and robust technologies can be made to work tangibly side-by-side, thereby helping you in faster client and server-side development.

Allows Faster Development: Since MERN Stack relies on open-source technologies, there is no need to build everything from scratch. There are several ways to develop this using already existing code. You can go through the setup instructions and customize them as required. The stack uses a plug-and-play approach that gives you an edge over other platforms and competitors using similar technologies.

You benefit from an easy learning curve:   Mastery in JS and JSON will help reap the full benefits of MERN. Hence, developers find it easier to build a range of apps with the MERN stack. This means there is excellent documentation of technology too, so you can deploy it easily.  MERN Stack is easy to use, so beginners and novice programmers also find it comfortable to use it.  It is also a good choice for those who are just starting about learning web development. The accompanying tools are also minimalist, allowing easier understanding and better deployment for effective use. Once these tools are mastered, you can expand your knowledge and add features or switch components as needed.

Easy Code Maintenance:  It is relatively easier to maintain code and engage in bug fixing with the MERN stack. Therefore, the MERN stack presents a cost-effective option. Also, developers get the option of powerful testing tools with this platform.

Strong Community of Developers: Apps such as Walmart, Airbnb, and Uber make use of MERN Stack. Hence, there is a worldwide community of developers at hand that can be available with a Google search, making it easier to discover solutions out there.  Since there is a strong community behind development efforts, you can easily find answers to something you are not sure about or about technical difficulties you may encounter during the project.  You can get a software product developed at much lesser costs since you have help at hand. Due to the popularity of the stack’s individual components such as Node.Js, development is relatively stress-free as your engineers are also experienced with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Flexibility: As MERN Stack is open source, there are no restrictions as such, and can be downloaded from the public domain. Hence, the popularity of this stack is growing day by day.

Availability of Free Templates Online: Since free templates are available online, it saves developers tons of time. It provides an easier way to develop an off-the-shelf solution compared to customizing a theme. Expert help is also available if there are any issues along the way.  There is also an online community that helps you get answers from other developers working on similar projects.

Full-Stack Development is Possible: Due to MERN stack’s full development approach, it’s possible to develop both frontend and backend components of an application. Drawing on principles from UI Design and software engineering, this approach is becoming increasingly popular with startups that do not have to depend completely on funding and can utilize in-house developers for a project.

Offers the Users a Native Experience: The beauty of native applications is they are more robust and can provide a more compelling experience for users. Compared to hybrid frameworks like Ionic or React Native, it is difficult to offer deep integration with devices or high performance with these devices.

Comparatively, an app developed on MERN leverages native features. It is possible to sync seamlessly between offline and online states with the help of apps developed with the MERN stack. App monetization becomes a breeze when you discover that what you have built has a huge market value, which may not be the case when you build an app on top of hybrid technology.


Today, the MERN stack is the new standard in web development. With tools such as MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and Node.js, you get a wonderful a powerful combination that helps you write modern web apps with comparative ease.  Due to its modular nature, it can be used in isolation or you can even combine all the four tools to create a robust and intuitive app. The modular nature of MERN makes it highly flexible to build a custom-tailored solution that can easily fit your needs.  You can easily develop a flexible and extended system that can help you get substantial gains through the platform and with the individual tools themselves.  Thus, it is more and more likely that the MERN stack will be used extensively in the future. These days, since more and more apps are being built in JavaScript, it serves the needs of developers worldwide, making it a convenient app development platform for the foreseeable future.

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