Why Should nopCommerce Be Your Primary Choice For Online Pharmacy?

  • August 20, 2018
  • Ashish Shah
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Online solutions are probably the best way to reach out to a mass audience. Given that there are a multiple online store selling lifestyle products, it is just a few of them who focus on selling medical essentials such as drugs and the likes.

A reputable pharmacy is something everyone trusts, but taking that business online is something anyone hardly thinks about. Well, it is not a difficult task to regulate that as well. Pharmacy business is essential and making it available online not only would get you a swarm of the crowd who is interested in buying them but also creates a loyal customer base who would come back to you.

nopCommerce is one such e-commerce platform which gives you the prerogative to build an online pharmacy store. It has got the drive and features to make it worthwhile and we have ample reason why you should be using it to take that business online.

  • First things first, it has got a great customer relationship management system. As a business, you are aware of how important your customers are for you. They are what drives your business and dominates the equity. A robust CRM system is what every business need and nopCommerce ensure that you get the top-notch experience regardless.
  • Add, edit or modify or even delete the information at your will. The user interface is easy to use and can be taken care of by the team with minimal training. Maintaining and online store is essential and a system like nopCommerce only makes it easier. In the case of pharmacy stores, features such as adding multiple products to the cart or saving multiple shipping options and regulating them are something which gives you the comfort of using it.
  • As an online store, you need to take care of the inventory as well. Nobody wants to get on to a site that says that the product that they have been looking for is out of stock. Maintain the inventory and you would have customers coming back to you. nopCommerce allows you to monitor the movement of goods in and out of the inventory and allows you to keep a track of the same.

As an online business, we cannot stress the importance of an online presence. Social media is a great way to make yourself known to the target audience. People know you have arrived only if you manage to create a brand name through public relations, social media interactions and presence. A business centric tool, nopCommerce allows you to make yourself available on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram such that your audience knows that you exist!

Getting customers and retaining them are two different things. Imagine if you have managed to get a customer to your website and are unable to provide the required service or product, why would a customer return to your portal? It is always recommended that you have a wish list maintained that can be created by customers such that they can be assured of getting what they want. Use nopCommerce to offer customers better plans and offers such that they have an easy time browsing products on your platform.

nopCommerce development is absolutely professional and it dedicates developers to build the portal for you by seamlessly integrating the features that you want to retain on your online business site with any of reputed eCommerce store development company.

It is built on ASP.NET MVC. It is super-light, easy to maintain, secure and follows an object-oriented approach. It is safe and has a minimum number of bugs reported such that development to market time is minimal. This simply means that the infrastructure is brilliant and robust. Given that it is an open source product, developers around the world offer solutions to make it stable such that any enhancement done is delivered almost instantly without any extra waiting time.

It allows you to expand your portal through several plugins which can make it only better. Moreover, you can make it more sophisticated by adding role-oriented features without touching the core or modifying it at all. These are easy to implement and allows you to use it as a different feature without disturbing the core architecture. Not only websites but also build mobile apps and accessible applications on all portals available using nopCommerce.

It uses an MS SQL server which is cost effective and feasible to use instead of expensive tools like SAP HANA or otherwise. Installations can be hosted without any hassles as per your requirement. All you need to do is get in touch with the nopCommerce developers and brief them about the feature that you find desirable.

Additionally, one can also add multi-store features, multi-vendor features, enhance the SEO, and branding is something that is powered by nopCommerce internally. Scalable features and a configurable product makes implementation of business easier and that is what nopCommerce focuses on!

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