The Challenges Resolved During the Implementation of CodeIgniter 3.1.9

  • August 6, 2018
  • Ashish Shah
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Speed up your web development with a fast and powerful PHP web application framework called CodeIgniter. It is an opensource framework which has a rich set of libraries and helpers. A web application built using CodeIgniter PHP framework provides the best security and also stops attacks from other pages compared to other frameworks. By far, CodeIgniter is the best framework you can dream about.

Compared to any other frameworks, CodeIgniter is free, lightweight and simple to install. And it is fast and reliable. The time is taken and the speed for developing a web application through CodeIgniter is very less. It improves the coding productivity and makes it robust. CodeIgniter gives the code of application a systematic and logical structure. Many versions of CodeIgniter have come with many bugs fixed in coding. But it is incomparable to any other frameworks. Steps for upgrading the latest version of CodeIgniter are very few and simple.

Challenges made CodeIgniter the best-chosen framework among any other opensource framework is listed below.

The downfall of Server Requirements

In the process of CodeIgniter implementation, the server usage has come down. CodeIgniter manages to work with both 4 and 5 versions of PHP. Which is something not similar to others frameworks in PHP. Users feel easy to handle both the environments at a time using CodeIgniter.

MVC Development pattern

CodeIgniter is completely dependent on Model-View-Controller architecture. MVC is the software approach which separates logic from presentation. While framing large piles of code in the development of an application, the MVC approach helps to divide the code from descriptions, making users work easy. Few frameworks force to use traditional methods but CodeIgniter is user-friendly as it supports MVC architecture.

Required Tools in One Whole Package

CodeIgniter is rich in the set of libraries and helpers. CodeIgniter comprises of many built-in libraries such as Calendar, e-mail, Zip encoding, Uploading, Validation, Sessions, Unit testing and so on. And default helpers such as File handling, Forms, Arrays, Strings, Cookies, Directories etc. Apart from these, the user is free to create his own tool, which means CodeIgniter supports customized libraries and helpers.

Installation not needed

To make use of any framework, users need to install following all the steps in sequence. Other than all, CodeIgniter facilitates user to just upload the file without installation pain. Not essential of PEAR packages or server changes to run the framework. Only upload required files to the server and it is ready to use.

Ease of Understanding and Extending

CodeIgniter provides the ease of understanding the framework and if required extending too. CodeIgniter helps to alter the behavior of current libraries. Investing less effort and time, the total behavior of the framework can be changed.

Security tools are in-built

CodeIgniter allows users to apply the necessary security tools depending on their requirements. Global variables are not set by default, not considering the PHPs register_globals directive. During system initialization magic_quotes_runtime directive is turned off, decreasing the usage of slashes while fetching data from its data log. Other options like Cookie encryption, handling session data and escape SQL queries can be enabled.

Data Abstraction from Database

Database abstraction is common in every framework including CodeIgniter. But CodeIgniter here facilitates in creating the Create, Insert, Update and Delete statements without writing any SQL queries. CodeIgniter manipulates tables in a database, such as creating, adding, removing data from tables and delete previous tables using new database forge library. It handles n number of databases under one single application. And intern connects to many datatypes as MYSQL (4.1+), MYSQLi, MS SQL, Postgre, Oracle SQLite or ODBC.

Best Documentation

The best part of user-friendly CodeIgniter is the documentation. The documentation of CodeIgniter documentation is easily understood even by beginners. There are documentations of other frameworks which are still under construction state only. But professionals and researchers behind the CodeIgniter documentation are striving hard, enabling users to make friendly usage of this framework.

Massive Active Users

The list of active users is increasing day by day. The community of active users is only because of its unique features other than any other opensource frameworks. Thousands of registrars in CodeIgniter framework community form a small friendly work environment guiding each other in their ambiguities.

CodeIgniter with ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is a multi-purpose content management system written in PHP and developed by EllisLab. The libraries, helpers etc. developed by users for their application using CodeIgniter, can be used with ExpressionEngine also and in reverse too. Simply, user applications can be created using CodeIgniter and integrated using ExpressionEngine. Anyways this is though and not in usage yet.

Chosen upon Custom PHP

To start with custom PHP development user needs few files, database build, and more configuration files. Some files needed in custom development are connect.PHP, custom.PHP, database.class.PHP, login.PHP, logout.PHP and so on. But in case of CodeIgniter, while downloading latest version a zip file with folders (application, system, user guide), with built-in classes and libraries gets downloaded. Users need to unzip and make use when required.


Users faced many ambiguities while using other PHP frameworks in the developing web application. The challenges popped up by other frameworks are solved by CodeIgniter, few are listed above. It is upgraded gradually by fixing bugs of previous versions. User finds much easier for using CodeIgniter because of its unique features on all other PHP frameworks. So is the CodeIgniter for rapid customized PHP web application development. For more bug fixes and upgradation, steps visit

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