Why Your Ecommerce Websites Should Be Built On Magento?

  • May 30, 2015
  • Ashish Shah
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Magento Development IndiaThough the WordPress has gained popularity, but Magento still tops the list when it comes to building e-commerce websites. Magento is one of the most popular and widely used CMS in the world with some of the top brands and eCommerce sites built on it. If asked what is common between Lenovo, Nike, Nestle, Olympus, and Samsung then you will find that these top brand’s websites have been built on Magento. With numerous features and functionalities, it is dominating the competitive market, giving tough fight to players like 3DCart, Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion. The flexibility available in Magento is attracting more and more businesses and brands towards it. Some of the major reasons why these brands and business houses are building their e-commerce sites on Magento are,

Free Of Cost – Open Source

There are three versions of Magento – Free, Enterprise and Hosted. The most popular and widely used version is the free edition, which is the open source variant, that includes a variety of new and experienced developers and community help for the designers and developers of e-commerce. Using the community platform, you can easily download and install the free version of Magento and experience the fully functioning website. The Magento developer community is constantly working on improving the features and enhancing the functionality by which you will regularly receive the latest updates on Magento.

Designed and Developed for E-Commerce

With the boom of e-commerce websites in the market, the only platform which was specifically designed and developed for e-commerce is the Magento. There are several features in Magento like inventory management, dashboards, supplier management, shipping management, product bundling, newsletters and CMS features. Most of the business owners are happy and proud of these features as part of the e-commerce solutions.

Hosting Of Your Choice

Most of the shopping cart solutions available in the market are self hosted which takes away the flexibility to host your website as per your choice. With Magento you have the facility and the flexibility to choose the host as per your interest and requirements. You can also find a self hosted Magento option, but it is just an option and you need to mandatorily choose it.

Maximized Flexibility

If you are looking for high level of flexibility in an e-commerce solution then choose only Magento. It offers you the facilities to customize your website as per your interest and business requirements. There are several built-in features using which you can always enhance your website, but if the available features are unable to fulfil your requirements, then you can always indulge in extensions and add new features.

Third Party Integrations

If you are interested in integrating third party solution or services with your website, for example, payment gateways, then you don’t have to include the payment gateway available with Magento solution. You can choose external secured payment gateway solutions or services for the websites.

Search Engine Friendly

Unlike the most shopping cart solutions available in the market, Magento is the one platform which is very search friendly and easy to optimize. There are several inbuilt SEO features that help in tweaking and optimizing your website features making it more intuitive and robust. With the help of these features you can get the URLs, Sitemaps, meta tags, descriptions and keywords.

Increasing Loading Speed

Almost all the Magento based websites are well known for augmented loading speed because there are several features like auto caching of the website pages which enables it to retrieve the pages with content and images faster than any other site.

Mobile Competent

Websites built on Magento can be accessed from anywhere – anytime across any type of mobile device. As Magento is HTML5 competent, you have the facility and flexibility to build your mobile version of e-commerce website on Magento platform.

Single Backend For Multiple Websites

If you only have Magento, you will be able to manage single backend system for your multiple e-commerce portals. You can connect multiple stores with a single backend using the Magento platform. One of the major reasons of the Magento popularity includes this feature, as most business owners who are in various segments are interested in single backend, instead of multiple backends.

Customization Made Easy

Websites built on Magento are easy to customize and add new features and functionalities as required. You have the benefit of adding the features without disturbing the existing live site. Users are free to create customized extensions as per the business requirements.

Strong Community Support

The community version available from Magento is highly useful for the Magento developers as they can get the required support whenever they are stuck during the development process. The customizations and the extensions developed by the community are free of cost, which can be utilized by Magento developers.

Incredible Performance

If you want your e-commerce website to give an incredible performance, then you should choose to build the website on Magento only. The high end caching and database optimizing techniques available in Magento enhance the performance of your website to an advanced level.

If you have an internal team of Magento developers then you can customize the website with additional extensions as per your requirements. Incase, if you have any query or need support regarding the Magento development, then you let our Magento experts team from NCode Technologies, Inc. to get in touch with you. Having catered to varied clienteles from all over the globe and developed different types of extensions in last several years, NCode Technologies, Inc. has been leading the Indian magento development market.

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