What Are The Advantages Of React Native For Cross-platform App Development?

  • July 7, 2021
  • Ashish Shah
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Advantages of React native app development

With rising demand for Android & iOS applications across the globe, people are highly interested in developing new apps for themselves as well as the audience at large. So, are you also one of those who are seeking an app development but baffled upon where to start from?

Well, here’s an end to your search!

With our proficiency and competence, we at NCode Technologies Inc will assist you to select which language will be considered to be the best for your Cross-platform application. Being a promising react native development company, we ensure to fulfill our customer’s needs to the fullest!

Yet, before moving further, it is important to get a clear idea of what is cross-platform app…

What Is A Cross-Platform App?

The activity of building software products or services for several platforms or software environments is known as cross-platform development. The term “cross-platform” has gotten a lot of attention, particularly among developers. It saves time while also providing a more futuristic perspective. Because of its impressive capabilities, it has become one of the most popular frameworks among developers. The benefit of React Native is that the framework’s code only needs to be developed once, and it can be compiled for both iOS and Android apps.

Hence, if you’re planning to hire a dedicated reach native developer for developing your application, this article assists you to come across certain benefits for building the app.

Benefits of React Native for Cross-platform App Development

  • Enables Third-Party Plugins

Because of security concerns, the majority of frameworks do not allow third-party plugins. But not with react-native! Third-party plugins can be added to the framework by developers. With modification options, the platform is incredibly adaptable. The plugins provide user-friendly interfaces with the ability to change themes and templates at any moment. Initially designed for Facebook’s internal use, React Native was turned open-source for public use, primarily for third-party support via APIs and plugins.

  • Highly Cost-effective

React-Native allows you to create cross-platform applications without breaking the bank. Nearly half of the code written when an app is created can be used on several platforms. In addition, there are lower costs associated with quality assurance in the cross-platform application development process. In actuality, the user interface elements are unique to each platform but share a common code basis. Even debugging takes less time with React Native than with other frameworks because you just have to resolve errors that are in the same code base once.

  • Increases The Reach

Many companies believe that developing a mobile app might be beneficial to their sales channel. You may construct a cross-platform app with this framework, which is incredibly useful because it allows businesses to reach a bigger audience. You may simultaneously target iOS and Android consumers with only one app.

  • Easy To Reuse The Code

This is definitely React Native’s most significant benefit. Developers don’t need to create a unique mobile app for each platform thanks to the ease of this framework, as over 90% of React Native code can be shared between iOS and Android. Companies contemplating cross-platform application development can explore React-Native, which can save time and money. If a company currently has a React online application, a large portion of the code can be reused for mobile app development.

  • A Striking Feature – Hot Reload

Hot Reload is one of React Native’s most unique features. It allows the developer to refresh the program while it is still in development. It helps to speed up development by automatically refreshing the application as the code changes. It also aids in the live tracking of all of the developer’s new modifications. It also obtains real-time data for the application’s users. You’ll also get new UI and structure content, as the user’s code and scripts are continually changing.

To Conclude!

We can certainly state that React Native Framework is ideal for developing cross-platform applications. The advantages of adopting React native are numerous, and it has made life easier for developers as well. It does have certain flaws, but it is still in its infancy, and with time, it will undoubtedly overcome these flaws and improve much more.

However, if you want to hire a react native developer that can meet your expectations, NCode Technologies Inc is just a call away! Get in touch with us today!

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