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  • April 18, 2023
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Apps are taking the technology world by storm. Every day a new technology comes up and the tech-savvy should stay abreast with the new technologies to use them in the job and make effective apps. One such technology that is having humungous demand and is used by many start-ups to large-size companies in developing rich and functional mobile apps is React Native. This JavaScript framework is developed by Facebook and is used to develop apps that are compatible to work with Android and iOS devices. Hiring the React native development company can help you develop mobile apps for your business. Most of the mobile apps released into the market today are made with React Native.

This framework has become the first choice of entrepreneurs to build intuitive apps with a rich user interface. You can code once and run this on different platforms. The developers need to have expertise in JavaScript; to use this framework. You need to hire dedicated React Native developer to develop functional apps using this framework. Only a few resources are acquainted with this framework. However, this framework demand is sky-rocketing since most of the functionalities can easily be developed with it. The framework is fast and user-friendly. It also gives an edge to business. With just one codebase, you can build apps that work with Android and iOS, thus saving a lot of time for you to release the app into the market.

What is React Native?

React Native framework is easy to be acquainted with for developers who have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With this, you can develop the projects briskly and cut down the development expenses. The app developed with this framework has two critical parts. One is the JavaScript code and the other is the UI markup which is developed in XML format. These components are processed and compiled in one binary file to run on the target platform. The installation file will be lightweight without any extra files. The React Native developers will use various libraries related to React and JavaScript such as immutable, flow and Jest.

Benefits of React Native app development

A few of the benefits of using React Native framework for app development include:

Excellent performance

Components used for app development will be loaded briskly on Android and iOS without any issues. It also loads the pages briskly and renders the graphics and heavy images on the page. It also scrapes out the unnecessary content attached to third-party libraries. React Native will make use of an asynchronous bridge to access APIs and make API calls from native modules without the need for middlemen.

Reuse the same code in other places

React Native will use a JavaScript-based development stack, thus allowing the react native developer to use the same code while developing the app for Android and iOS. It reduces the time it takes for your app to go live and makes it available for customers. The React Native development company uses this framework since it reduces development expenses, maintenance costs and bugs. It also improves the app’s quality.

Easy to integrate

The wonderful part of React Native is that you can build hybrid apps since it gives you access to the capabilities of the native code. You can also access the storage or GPS.

A lot of libraries

React Native has many UI components which can be used readily. It makes the developer’s job easy in using these components to tweak a bit as per their requirements instead of spending an ample amount of time writing everything from scratch. The libraries make the app development process a piece of the cake. Various available libraries include Jest, Mocha, Enzyme, Chai and so on. Using these, you can write code which is free from bugs.

Reloading in real-time

The live reloading allows you to see the changes that are made in real-time. You can quickly tweak the code and see how the app is running. When you fix the bugs, you can briskly see whether it is fixed and is running as expected. The auto reloading feature will save a lot of time spent by the developers in the compilation process.


Apps that are built using React Native can be run on different platforms. It offers enough flexibility for React Native developers to keep on updating the mobile apps with the latest features. Due to its flexibility, it is considered to be an ideal choice by many developers who have extensive knowledge of React Native to use this for mobile app development.

Modular architecture

It is one of the best features that help the dedicated react native developer to delve in-depth into the project that was developed by someone else. The development team can easily upgrade the apps, thus saving a lot of time spent on testing.

Why do you need to hire React Native development company?

React Native development company has enough experience and a pool of knowledge in developing many projects using this framework. They can be involved and know the challenges in every phase of the React Native project execution. When you hire a dedicated React Native developer, the person can build the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and scale it up to make it enterprise ready. You must hire the right company to develop the app for the company to meet all your business requirements.

The app is scalable to meet future needs. The company will be able to scale up and deliver a user-friendly app on time.

  • React Native development company have expertise in handling the roadblocks in every phase of project execution. They can build quality and scalable apps using this framework and hand over the app on time without exceeding the budget quoted.
  • Experienced and dedicated React Native developers are available with the company who are capable enough to use the latest web technologies to develop apps according to your needs. They also use the techniques that work best for your project rather than trying out new technology. It saves a lot of time spent on development or research. It also avoids unexpected bugs in the apps that can ruin the user experience.
  • Companies will know the significance of deadlines and stick to them. They will also deliver the app on the promised date without compromising on the quality and with the app having all the functionalities as discussed with you.

However, when you are planning to hire a React Native development company, you also need to conduct due diligence and check if they have developed apps similar to your industry before. You must check their previous projects before finalizing them for developing the prestigious app for the company.

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