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  • October 18, 2013
  • Ashish Shah
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CakePHP is an open source web application development platform, written in PHP. It is distributed under the license of MIT. It uses standard and strong software engineering concepts and design patterns. CakePHP development India services companies that have always favored strong and robust technologies prefer this platform to build highly sophisticated web application.

The beginnings:
It all started in the year 2005 when a Polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz wrote a minimal version of Rapid application framework in PHP, naming it a Cake. Opening it to the online developer’s community, he [published it using MITs license. Later, in the year 2005, the cake software foundation was founded to promote the use of CakePHP development by L. Masters and G.J Woodworth.

CakePHP web development is growing and as they claim on their web applications, it makes building websites easy , fast with little requirement of code writing, Being revered as the rapid application framework for PHP, it helps create prolific web applications using its extensible architecture, for deploying, developing, and maintaining these applications.

Being the robust open source framework, it allows maximum freedom to developers in developing web applications.

• Guaranteed structure: Being a rapid and robust framework, still guarantees proper structure for your websites, as it follows highly standardized software engineering design patterns for development of web applications. For example it follows a fixed model view control pattern and allows for user interface alongside integrating with databases.

• Scalability: whenever new updates and upgrades are done, it is easy to integrate such updates without having to worry about losing the existing functionality.

• Ease of creation: it helps developers in repeating the code for creating websites, helps in easy creation of websites with using few lines of code.

• Security: Though easy to understand, CakePHP sets high standards of security in the industry, for session handling, security and such other issues, its built in authorization and security helps in create such security standards.

• Tests: one of the great features of CakePHP are the tests, these tests are easy to be created and helps in checking the critical points in an application. Tests such as core tests, custom tests can be easily created. These tests become very important to check the stability and functionality of large build and applications.

• Easy to install: CakePHP is easy to install and use, being an open source platform, it can be downloaded easily and installed with in minutes.

• Wider support available: PHP is by far the most used open source platform and as Cake php, is written using PHP framework, the kind of support that is available online and offline is extensive. Also the growing number of users and developers stand testimony to its robust design and development practices.

The popularity of any software or product can be gauged by the number of people using and following it, going by that standard the number of websites and applications built using this platform is increasing by the day. Example of some big companies using this platform to develop their web applications are: The online booking application; Digital audio books download store – etc.

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