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  • May 3, 2023
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Businesses were using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop the UI. Now in this fast-paced and technologically advanced world, there are many web technologies available in the market. One such is the MERN stack, which is the combination of different frameworks such as MongoDB, ReactJS, Express JS and Node JS. All these are used by the MERN Stack Development Company to build rich and top-notch apps for startups, small businesses, medium size businesses and large enterprises. The complete advantage of these technologies can be taken only when you hire dedicated MERN stack developers.

What are MERN stack developers?

MERN stack developers are web developers who are certified and have hands-on experience using different frameworks such as MongoDB, Express JS, Node JS, and React JS. They can understand and develop the logic and front end. They use MongoDB and Express JS to maintain the data and React and Node JS to create the UI components and handle the requests sent to the servers by clients. The front end will answer the client requests and the back end will store the data and manages it (such as websites and application data) so that the front end can access the information quickly.
When you Hire MERN Stack Developer, the person will know these technologies. These are used for carrying out web and app development tasks. The MERN stack development is the combination of four JS-based components:


It is a NoSQL database which is open-source and allows you to store the data of the cloud apps. It offers JS based database for apps, which is scalable and can manage huge amounts of data.

Angular JS

It is the JavaScript frontend framework that is used by many companies. It is the default framework that is used for developing web apps. The key role of the MERN stack developer is to use this framework to design the User interface.


It is another open-source framework that will process many requests in one go with asynchronous events. It is scalable and fetches data briskly from the database. This framework is widely used for cloud-based app development. It is the backbone of ExpressJS.

Express JS

It is another web app framework that can handle all the interactions between the front end and the database. It also makes sure that the data is transferred to the end-user safely. It keeps the app from being messy and offers the best error-handling capabilities.
Reasons to employ MERN stack developers

Employing the MERN stack development company to develop your app allows you to make the app available for your customers on time.

Access to expert programmers

MERN stack developers will have enough knowledge to develop the best features for your product which makes it easy for customers to do the required tasks with ease. When you hire a dedicated MERN Stack Developer, this person with experience working on your project reaps positive outcomes. This person has enough knowledge of the front-end and back-end. They are responsible to write the logic that will link to the front end. The front-end developers will create scripts with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make the website functional.

Rich experience

The MERN stack developers will have enough experience working on different web development projects. They have in-depth knowledge of different areas of web and app development which can help in your project. These developers are responsible to develop great features for the app that can improve its quality.

Upgrade the apps

The MERN stack developers are well-versed in using the latest web technologies therefore they will design websites that are responsive and dynamic. Their experience is useful in different phases of the project execution and in handling challenges. They will also identify the potential issues beforehand and will not let them cause hindrances to the project. The solutions built by them are for the long-term to make sure that the app operates at its full potential.

Deliver app on time

The MERN stack development company will work with its together to make sure to hand over the app project on time without any bugs.

Robust testing

The MERN stack developers will do rigorous testing of web apps or mobile apps using the best tools to ensure that the app keeps running without any kind of bugs and errors.

When you hire the developers separately to take care of your front-end and back-end requirements, the cost would be high. When you hire a MERN stack developer, this company will handle both sides and cut down the additional expenses.

Why MERN stack development?

A few of the reasons why companies are hiring MERN stack development companies to build their apps include:

Reuse the code

The web apps developed with the MERN technologies will have reusable code components. The code developed in one project can also be used in another project if the functionality is the same or else this code can be used to run the app on different platforms. The reusable code makes the development process faster and reduces the time it takes to release the app into the market.

Excellent performance

Node.js which is one of the technologies used by the MERN stack developers will help you manage a lot of tasks asynchronously. It helps the programs to easily handle data-driven apps. The speed of the apps would also be increased, thus improving their performance.

Cloud compatible and scalable

The MERN stack development makes the apps scalable with the increase in the number of users of the app. The MongoDB used is also scalable and is compatible to work with cloud storage. Node.js will also boost processing power.

Easy to customize the front end and reduce the complexity

Due to a lot of HTML content and server-side scripting, PHP-related LAMP architecture will use a lot of backend coding to offer a static experience to users. On the other hand, the Model view controller architecture which the MERN stack will support offers enough customization to the front end. The user interface can be changed to offer a better experience to customers from time to time.

Real-time experience

You can also receive notifications and updates without you have to refresh the page for every new notification that hit the app. It is handy when developing social media and e-commerce applications.

No licensing

All the frameworks that are used in the MERN stack web app development would be open-source and therefore you do not have to spend money on licensing. It is open-source. There are a lot of public repositories and libraries which you can access briskly.
The above are a few reasons why many companies are preferring to hire dedicated MERN Stack Developer and companies which can develop their app using the MERN stack.

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