Want to Enhance Your Social Media Reach? These 5 Magento Extensions are a Must Learn for You

  • June 3, 2016
  • Ashish Shah
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The Magento platform has gained significant importance over the recent years and its development is offering extensions highly essential and suitable for its users. Top 5 extensions include Social Login, Social Media Bundle, Easy Share, Social Pilot and Social Suite Extension.
The popularity of Magento is nothing new for its users now. In face in the recent times, it has turned out to be a highly preferred platform for hosting e-commerce websites. Options for Magento customization services makes it all the more interesting and effective for its users.

With increasing features and facilities, which offer a high level of functionality of the websites, no doubt the platform has a large number of users and the number can only be expected to rise with the magento extension development company in India.

While a number of extensions have been developed and must already be known by all Magenta users; however, many a times, you are at a confusion to choose the right extension for your purpose. As it happens, selecting the best and most effective from too many choices can indeed be very difficult.

So, here is a list of top 5 Magento extensions which you can rely upon blindfolded. They are not offering the best options and features for their users but have also been rightly targeting the specific needs of users.

Let’s find out which the top 5 extensions are –

Social Login

With the Social Login extension, you can now have your social login buttons, which you will be able to customize on your own, matching to the needs and themes of your website. It allows your website visitors to login, register comment and also share with a number of social networking sites.

The social login applications enable you to access your website based on Magento host with a very easy login process.

The best part is that the user-interface is highly friendly and there is no need for any separate set up for the social login to be done. Moreover, a large number of options is provided to the users to choose the login buttons as per their choices of looks and colours, which makes it all the more attractive and interesting to use.

You can choose from a number of themes, suiting your preferences and the theme of your website. Also, once the social login is done, the user registration is automatic in nature.

Social Media Bundle

The most important benefit of this extension is that with just one installation, it is possible for you to have all features of Google+, Facebook and Twitter, being delivered by the extension. The specialty of this extension is that it effectively integrates your Magento website with the social networking sites, hence placing the social media buttons on your website.

Users can easily register with your website by logging in through their social media profiles as well.

Thus, when you use this extension with your website, you get to have visitors from social networking sites directly, which also increases the traffic for your site. Moreover, the social buttons offered on your site can all be adjusted by you.

Easy Share

The Easy Share extension is highly effective if you want to share your website and its offering on different social networking sites. The extension will help you to get connected with clients who have the facilities for social media distribution and hence such facilities can be used by you as well.

This means that when you login on any social networking website, you also have the option of commenting on any website too, which is possible through implementation of the social icons.

The sharing of your website or its pages on social networking is most easy with this extension. Button images available can be customized by user as per respective preferences. For customers to use your site, a simple configuration of the URL is all that is needed.

Social Pilot

This is the best extension if you are looking to promote your products and services across different social networking sites.

Your entire marketing activity on social media can be said to be rightly carried out and taken responsibility of by Social Pilot. This means you have to make no efforts other than creating the right products and services for your customers.

Rest all related with marketing and promotion will be handled by this extension. No doubt it is the most popular extension currently among users.

You can even upgrade your promotion plans by altering your plans of scheduling, which have advanced options for users. Personalized posts are created by Social Pilot which create a highly positive impact on customers, and more importantly, you can use your own brand while marketing or promoting your offerings through this extension.

Social Suite Extension

An easy-to-use extension which allows users to post and promote products through social networking sites, logging in from the sites itself and directly communicating with the audience. The most important benefit with this extension is that you get to use all the tools and features of social media for the purpose of your website.

The installation of the extension is pretty easy – easy to install and easy to handle. All tasks related with product promotion can be customized and taken care of hassle-free by the users themselves.

So, if you are looking to create the right place for your Magento sites, these 5 extensions should work the best for you.

Magento platform has increasingly become a highly preferred platform for hosting e-commerce and online websites. The benefits are significant and the developed extensions are more effective than before. To eliminate confusions, the top 5 Magento extensions that are most effective for use include Social Login, Social Media Bundle, Easy Share, Social Pilot and Social Suite Extension.

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