CodeIgniter – Technology That’s Ruling the Hearts of its Users

  • June 9, 2016
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This article discusses the various features and benefits of CodeIgniter. The all-round framework is extremely suitable for web applications and developments, and is proving to be one of the most productive frameworks of the current times.

Based on the concept of a straightforward and all-round composed toolbox, CodeIgniter is a directing PHP structure. Considering our search for cutting edge highlights for our web applications, codeIgniter development can be said to be one of the most productive PHP frameworks.

As it makes web application a highly organized structure, learning gets to be less demanding. Likewise because of the standard PHP coding, it makes the code convenient and is essentially basic and quick.

CodeIgniter Framework – The Major Advantages

CodeIgniter is an open source stage in light of PHP. The best point of preference of CodeIgniter is its module based design. In case you are looking to build up a strong, adaptable and substantial web application, then CodeIgniter is a decent alternative for you.

CodeIgniter system fundamentally takes into account the Model-View-Controller or MVC design.

The MVC interfaces both the front-end and the back-end. It apparently helps in isolating the perspectives from the back-end of the application that is created. What’s more, this detachment between the front-end and the back-end of a web application makes the code more meaningful, and straightforward. This encourages the designer to control the operations of front-end and the back-end more effectively.

Without a doubt, CodeIgniter helps in creating vigorous, adaptable, and secure web index and applications. The applications and sites that are created by utilizing this toolbox are thought to be exceptionally secure, solid.

CodeIgniter is furnished with different element stuffed assets and inbuilt libraries which incorporate a large number of codes effectively composed. As CodeIgniter accompanies the assortment of value web improvement arrangements, subsequently, it is useful for both the clients and in addition for the designers.

CodeIgniter gives enormous opportunities and awesome adaptability permitting engineers to make classes for email, compress coding, record transferring, FTP, XML-RPC, and so forth. All these permit bother free naming of the database tables or the models after the tables. With all these extraordinary components, CodeIgniter today has turned into the prime decision for CodeIgniter Web Development Companies.

Key Features of CodeIgniter

To depend on general reviews on applications, is an exceptionally poor approach to judge one, since they let you know nothing about the client experience, or how instinctively or wisely it is outlined. Elements don’t reveal everything about the type of the code, or the implementation, or the attention considered in creating the structures, or security practices.

The best way to truly judge an application is to attempt it and become acquainted with the code. And hence, here’s a list of CodeIgniter’s fundamental elements –

  • Model-View-Controller Based System

  • To a great degree Light Weight

  • Full Featured database classes with backing for a few stages

  • Dynamic Record Database Support

  • Structure and Data Validation

  • Security and XSS Filtering

  • Session Management

  • Email Sending Class. Underpins Attachments, HTML/Text email, numerous conventions (send mail, SMTP, and Mail) and that’s just the beginning.

  • Picture Manipulation Library (trimming, resizing, pivoting, and so on.). Bolsters GD, ImageMagick, and NetPBM

  • Document Uploading Class

  • FTP Class

  • Limitation

  • Pagination

  • Information Encryption

  • Benchmarking

  • Full Page Caching

  • Blunder Logging

  • Application Profiling

  • Calendaring Class

  • Client Agent Class

  • Zip Encoding Class

  • Layout Engine Class

  • Trackback Class

  • XML-RPC Library

  • Unit Testing Class

  • Web search tool Friendly URLs

  • Adaptable URI Routing

  • Support for Hooks and Class Extensions

  • Extensive library of aide capacities

So What Are the Benefits?

CodeIgniter is an extremely basic and exquisite toolbox that completely serves you with numerous advantages:

As CodeIgniter is an open source system, it is truly easy to design. It is anything but difficult to learn, receive and convey. It permits you to effectively do Codeigniter website customization for your own particular prerequisites. It disentangles the PHP linguistic structure.

The coding in the PHP is exceptionally basic, and simple to utilize. It is a splendid system used to take in more about how PHP functions. It permits you to streamline the code hidden in your pages effortlessly.

It is based on a direct and simple to-use organizer structure. It is a delineation of direct arrangements. It bolsters simple, bother free movement from server facilitating to server. You can apply other features that do not influence the customization by any means.

It gives suppleness and easy administration with a MVC based system. Active Record Implementation is exceptional and simple to recall.

It offers a basic arrangement for the customization of design records. It encourages simple working with various types of designers. It comprises of a decent accumulation of libraries. Excellent documentation of the client direct helps coders to utilize the whole structure effortlessly. It also empowers to coordinate its own current scripts and create centre libraries for the framework.

It is lightweight and across the board Thai client base. With the assistance of CodeIgniter, you can make synergistic, unconstrained, intelligent, and capable sites in the blink of an eye.

As CodeIgniter gives a broad similarity alongside standard facilitating records, setup and commonplace coding tenets are not required. CodeIgniter utilizes an immediate methodology while taking care of models.

The workings of CodeIgniter are clear and also open. Thus it is effectively justifiable what is going on and along these lines it is easy to utilize. It supports the MVC way to deal with site advancement, i.e., a great practice logic that must be followed by all designers. Utilizing CodeIgniter, you can build your own particular cleaner URI lines.


CodeIgniter is one of the best technologies one can use. It has a number of features and benefits one can find and users would benefit largely from this technology for its varied benefits and features.

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