Why Hire MERN Stack Developers to Develop a Dynamic Web Application?

  • January 5, 2023
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The demand for effective web and mobile applications grows with people’s reliance on technology. As a result, software developers are experimenting with new approaches to provide a better user experience.

For example, the user expects a better UI and faster response time for HTTP requests even when the network is congested. As a result, stack technology is introduced, which creates a responsive and interactive user interface and simplifies the development process.

The MERN stack is a popular technology made up of four powerful technologies: MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.

Today, businesses need to hire dedicated MERN stack developer to create dynamic web apps. Since the MERN stack is a combo of front-end, backend, and database components, hiring a MERN developer can help you design a responsive web app faster.

Let’s walk through this guide to understand better why you must hire MERN stack developers today.

What is a Web Application?

A Web application (Web app) is a program stored on a remote server and delivered via the Internet over a browser interface.

Web applications are designed for a wide range of purposes. For various reasons, they can be used by anyone, from businesses to individuals. For example, webmail, online calculators, and e-commerce stores are common web applications. Some web apps are only accessible through a specific browser, but most are accessible regardless of browser.

How Can Hiring a MERN Stack Developer Help to Develop a Dynamic Web App?

MERN Stack is the most dependable option for businesses looking to develop high-quality web apps. The stack’s high-performance and custom technologies can create robust web applications and software. In addition, the REST API is used throughout the MERN stack, from the front-end to the backend of the database. This encourages reuse in other applications and mobile apps as middleware.

The main benefits of hiring dedicated MERN stack developers for web development are as follows:

React Support

Servers and browsers can both benefit from React-based code. As a result, MERN gives developers the freedom and flexibility to add pages to servers as needed to develop something innovative.

Full-Stack Advantage

MERN stack allows you to hire and benefit from full-stack developers. It allows developers to access both front-end and backend development. The MERN stack has a three-tier architectural design that helps to develop dynamic web applications.

Open-Source Technology

The MERN stack is completely free to use. As a result, businesses can avoid the problem of proprietary licensing. Furthermore, it assists the developer in avoiding the challenges associated with licensing technology-based code. Developers can also access MERN Stack tutorials and other professionally written content if they need help.


MERN is open-source support with shorter learning curves and a simple setup with lower development costs. For example, MERN developers only need to know JavaScript and JSON when using the JavaScript stack.

Businesses can hire multiple experts for different technologies. For example, hiring a dedicated MERN stack developer is sufficient to create a web application.

Comprehensive Framework

MERN enables the seamless integration of four dependable technologies, facilitating the development of excellent and feature-rich applications. Web designers can use the MERN framework to create adaptable and scalable websites. Inside the MERN stack’s foundation is an extensive collection of testing tools.

How Does MERN Stack Development Work?

As mentioned in the beginning, the MERN stack has four different technologies. The developers can use all these technologies together or separately to create a web application.

Let’s check out an example to understand the overall mechanism better. Assume you’ve developed an e-commerce web application for clothing. A customer now visits the web app to purchase a t-shirt. The user is directed to the t-shirt page due to the link on the web page. But how will we get data from the backend?

  • The user arrives at your React-powered landing page.
  • By clicking on the link, the user decides to purchase a t-shirt. Unfortunately, the t-shirt page is rendered without refreshing because it is a single-page application.
  • However, you might have yet to get any data on the t-shirt right now, so the state is empty. So you’ll use an API call to get the data from the backend.
  • The page loading can take longer due to the asynchronous nature of the data retrieval process. Meanwhile, the user may see a loading GIF.
  • ExpressJS searches for the hit endpoint on the backend and calls the appropriate controller function to retrieve the data.
  • In the controller, we can use mongoose to query the database, retrieve the data, and return it in JSON format.
  • The JSON data is returned to React, which updates the state with the information retrieved.
  • The component can be re-rendered with the updated state, replacing the loading GIF with the t-shirt information.
  • That is how MongoDB, React, Express, and Node work together.

Which Are Web Apps Development on MERN Stack?

Many software development firms have experience with MERN Stack. Here are a few examples of popular applications used for mobile enterprise application development:

  • Facebook
  • Face Analytics
  • Instagram
  • Oculus
  • Skype
  • Discord
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Bloomberg
  • Pinterest

Let’s Hire a MERN Stack Developer Now!

Like any other stack, the MERN stack can be used to build any application. It is, however, best suited for cloud-native, JSON-heavy applications with dynamic web interfaces, such as workflow management, interactive forums, and social products.

So, if you want to design a low-cost, open-source app with improved performance and UI rendering, the MERN stack is ideal. If your company is looking for a MERN-based web app, you can hire MERN developers with relevant knowledge and expertise.

You don’t have to go anywhere else to hire dedicated MERN stack developers to create your dynamic app. Connect with the NCode team to hire the best stack developer at affordable rates.


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