Are you a PHP Developer? Do you Follow These Practices?

  • June 22, 2018
  • Ashish Shah
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Are you a PHP Developer? Do you Follow These Practices

Programming or coding has been a challenging field and has managed to change the world. With popular programming languages being adapted by the industry day in and day out, don’t you think it is better to explore something that is challenging yet intriguing and helps you develop a web project that you have been vying for!

Well, PHP is one of the languages which has made it possible. Not only are major websites powered by the ground-breaking language but also have a majority of scripts working on the same.

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There are resources and constraints that a PHP developer learns over the years. You might want to hire PHP developers who have experience. It takes hours and hours of coding practice and effort to become a master and it is always worth the effort. It doesn’t harm to roll those sleeves up and get your hands dirty with the coding stint. It is gratifying, fulfilling and always exciting to put something unique on the table.

Excellent developers make use of every tiny bit of the program and work in such a way such that the program speeds up easily and doesn’t make the site lag. Optimizing the performance, keeping it resilient, durable and more responsive is the key and that is what developers aim at achieving.

So, what do you need to know before you start off with that brilliant page? There are few hacks that you should have in mind before you start off.

  1. Cheat sheet for SQL injection

    Web security demands that you be on your toes. SQL injection is probably one of the best ways to keep it safe and secure. It allows you to calculate multiple permutations and combinations which allow you to safeguard the site and do so much more to it.

    Developers are expected to be familiar with the industrial practices of keeping the webpage safe and secure. One can filter the input and escape the output such that it builds up a good security net. All you need to be careful about is maintaining that SQL query carefully.

  2. Comparison operators are tricky and you should know how to tell them apart

    There are common operators which might give you mixed results which are usually not desirable. It could be misleading and give you unfair results which can again be a challenge to troubleshoot if it is missed at a point. Adding proper comparison operators can help you stay alert and aware so as for where to use them in general. It would make you keep your code clean and also more comprehensive.

  3. Use the else shortcut

    Variables are just other identifiers which help you understand what job it does in general. It is always recommended that you initialize the variable before you use them. You can declare them dynamically in other languages, but initializing helps you save the effort of going through the code over and over again. It is comprehensive and convenient. Additionally, if you add something later, there is a possibility that you might forget to initialize and it might be difficult to trouble shoot it given that it is not a single line code.

    This hints at a good security practice as well.

  4. Those braces and brackets are important

    Having a code which is readable, well commented and well managed marks it as a work of top quality. It is always desirable that you have those braces and brackets to keep it manageable. It helps you understand what the snippet is trying to do and keep it organised. You do not want something which is spread out across one single line without making any sense.

  5. Why str_replace () is better than preg_replace ()

    Depending on the kind of operation that you are trying to perform on a particular code, replace scenarios would vary like chalk and cheese. If you are using a regular expression, it doesn’t make sense that you use a string replace function. Moreover, if you are trying to perform certain operations on strings, the vice versa sounds equally absurd.

  6. That framework should be your strength

    What future developers learn is from the pool of talent that is working now. You can use a myriad of the framework when it comes to using PHP in your everyday life. Therefore, whenever you start working on a particular framework, it is recommended that you pick up something you are comfortable with. This varies widely from developer to developer.

  7. Contribute to the open source

    This is not only recommended for those who are learning the language or trying to teach somebody. Contributing to the open source projects helps you enhance your own coding skills and follow better practices when it comes to contributing to the community. It is a better learning for you where you become an advanced level practitioner after a while.

  8. You need to interact with codes that are written by others

    As a developer, you are not the only one working on the project. Your code needs to adapt and interact with other blocks as well. Exploring the in and out of the modules that you are working on and enhancing the scalability of the project is what you should be focusing on.

  9. Being curious about the language

    Once a language is developed, it is not the end of it. There are customization and change which are rolled out at intervals. It is essential that you stay updated and when in doubt, ask questions. The open source community contributes to the answers and it helps you learn the language better. Curiosity can lead to learning and that is what expert developers believe in.

  10. Keep it extremely simple

    Do not complicate the logic. It makes no sense to overdo something which is easily achievable. Being active in the local and digital community is what matters. Want to learn how a molecular code can change your life? Join these communities to get a taste of it.

Language construct, use of operators and using them as your everyday code base can help you create a string which is beneficial and helpful for the future generations. Which one of the suggestions would be your numero uno?

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