7 Compelling Key CodeIgniter Features You Must Be Aware Of

  • March 13, 2018
  • Ashish Shah
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If you are utilizing CodeIgniter, then you will be surprised to know that there are several features that make this versatile PHP framework the platform of choice for web development. With this powerful PHP framework that has a very small footprint, it offers PHP coders a simple and elegant toolkit that helps create fully-featured web applications. For developers who require a leaner and fitter framework in a scenario that is chockablock with large and undocumented frameworks, CodeIgniter is surely a good fit.

Since CodeIgniter is an application development framework, its goal is to help developers complete projects much faster. The platform consists of a rich set of libraries along with a simple interface as well as logical structure that enables the developer to access these.

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Besides following the MVC model, CodeIgniter is an extremely simple yet powerful platform that is replete with exciting features. Why not read further to understand how CodeIgniter can help make life easier for the modern day ecommerce developer:

Leaner Server Requirements

CodeIgniter does not have many server requirements. This framework is capable of working with PHP4 and PHP5 too. Better still, the Model View Controller (MVC) model that CodeIgniter is built upon makes code separation clear and easy to understand. Through the MVC route that CodeIgniter takes, it becomes very easy to construct and manage large apps.

Easier Installation

CodeIgniter is plain vanilla yet very simple to use and expand on. With CodeIgniter, you can easily bring variations such as writing new libraries. This versatile framework makes installation very easy, which is really brilliant since installing frameworks in this category can be incredibly challenging indeed. What’s more, CodeIgniter comes with built-in libraries such as zip-encoding, email, sessions uploading, unit testing, and much more. You can also come up with your own helpers and libraries.

Easier Database Tweaking

With CodeIgniter, you also get database extraction, which means that you can easily create, insert, update, and delete statements, without the need to write out raw SQL. Also, you can easily tweak your database to add or even remove columns, while creating old ones and removing old ones through the CodeIgniter database forge library.

Built-in security tools

CodeIgniter also comes with several built-in security tools. It also allows you to choose the security level you need. There are default actions that switch off runtime directives while the system initialization can be enabled. At the same time, you can also enable cookie encryption and even handling session data while utilizing a database.

Large user community

One of the best things about CodeIgniter is that it has active as well as a continuously expanding user community. There is access to a wiki as well as a forum. Moreover, one of the major benefits of CodeIgniter is that it has a very sophisticated yet easily understandable documentation.

Sophisticated Error Handling Function

What’s more, CodeIgniter comes along with a sophisticated error handling function which has a simple user-friendly interface that helps you to go ahead and detect error functions on a global basis. As part of this approach, you get to detect all PHP errors in your web application without missing inadequacy.

Form Validation Capability

CodeIgniter comes along with a form validation that you can use to write code in a single line through its effective validation framework system. You can generate errorless codes to ensure various control structures within the HTML form. With this framework, you can even manage database schema updates from one server to another by using the migration aspect, which is painless and hassle-free in CodeIgniter.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, Codigniter is definitely a very popular PHP framework, which you can use to boost your website’s functionality. CodeIgniter can be just the right platform to launch your website development initiative. Good luck!

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