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  • February 13, 2018
  • Ashish Shah
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In the present scenario, several open and closed source frameworks exist that can be extremely suitable for web development so that your business can be extended online. Nevertheless, when we sit down and compare the existing frameworks, then CakePHP, which is based on the Ruby on Rails framework, is way ahead of the others. Based on the MVC model, this framework is easy to utilize and also easy to interpret.

Better Architecture

Replete with futuristic software engineering concepts and a brilliant range of software engineering patterns, you could not have expected more. CakePHP’s architecture assures that the business logic is strictly yet naturally segregated from the data and presentation layers. This ensures that your application is developed with ease and can win the competition online hands down and without any efforts.

Low Development Costs

Today, several top-notch companies utilize CakePHP, which includes CNBC, Sony Music, Auto Trader, and many others. This is a significant pointer that CakePHP is indeed beneficial for your online business. Besides its open source nature, CakePHP is free to download, thus saving your online business tons of money in download and royalty fees. Additionally, a topnotch community of CakePHP already exists. They can simply weave magic with CakePHP and consequently do wonders for your online business.

Better ROI

If you are in online business, naturally the stakes would be high. You would really like a shorter period for your ROI. This can only be possible, if you are able to bring enough visitors to your website and convert them to buy your products and services. CakePHP offers several methods whereby you can achieve higher conversion rates while building a super duper website that will ensure that customers spend more time on your website while ensuring better business for your online enterprise.

Shorter Development Times

With CakePHP, the time to develop your online app or website is reduced drastically. Several technical features that come along with CakePHP help you ensure that your time to develop is reduced by a large margin. For example, CakePHP websites load faster, offer better robust features, and encompasses a modern PHP 7 framework. This enables better web applications in a simpler yet faster manner while requiring much less code.

Flexible for simple to complex systems

This modern PHP 7 framework offers a flexible database access layer along with a powerful scaffolding system that makes it possible to build small to complex systems. This makes it possible to encompass most business requirements and help you to grow faster and more solid with CakePHP.

Bake your online flavor

Surely CakePHP allows you to bake your online business with a flavor that is tangibly better than what other frameworks can produce. You can prototype faster, validate faster, and grow your business consistently as well. With easy code generation features, you can rapidly build prototypes. Perhaps the best features are that complicated configuration in the form of XML or YAML files is non-existent. With CakePHP, you can just setup your database, and bake your flavor of the website to suit your online business or target market.

Tamper-proof security

In today’s age, where security is a big question, CakePHP comes along with several built-in tools that give you tamper-proof security. Tools for input validation, CSRF protection, form tampering protection, SQL injection protection, and XSS prevention, are standard with CakePHP. Moreover, the Mozilla Secure Open Source program has even audited the CakePHP code base; thereby you have the assurance of a foolproof and secure platform to build your online business.

Perfect for commercial projects

CakePHP is now available as the new CakePHP 3.5 Red Velvet flavor, so baking your online dreams is now faster, stronger, and even tastier. CakePHP, which is licensed under the MIT license, makes it perfect for commercial use. You also get tons of built-in features, such as translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication, MVC conventions, and much more, thereby helping you achieve a better online product that can be singularly used to market your dreams.

Concluding thoughts

Indeed, CakePHP is the most powerful open source web framework for rapid application development. With several flexible features, you can easily build your robust, secure, and business-friendly application in a much shorter timeframe, thereby giving you the much-required head start in the online business. With CakePHP, you have surely made the right choice. Now, simply bake your project with a tangy flavor and watch yourself succeed!

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